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Alex Dunbar - Pogo Ninja

How I Got Started

Contact Me

Name: Alex Dunbar
Birth Date: June 26 1993
Loactaion: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Pogo Sticks of Use: Three Motostiks
Number Of Pogo Sticks Broken: Fifty Three
Sponsereship: Motostik

  How I got Started
        My older brother got a pogo stick for his birthday.  He wasn't interested in it at all but my sister liked it.  It was a black pogoroo.  She tried it out and was pretty good on it; when I tried I couldn't even get one bounce.  She persevered with just jumping and got very good at it.
         Two and a half years later when I was hanging out with my friend Nathan I decided to give the pogo stick another chance.  I reached two bounces the first try. Nathan tried and got 3 bounces.  We began competing to see who could get the most bounces. The record that day was 18 by Nathan.  Mine was 12. The next day I  tried again.  I got over 100 bounces.  I continued working to increase the amount.  As time went by I could do many hundreds without stopping.  It reached the point where I could jump for as long as I wanted  but I became bored because it wasn't challenging enough.  I started doing tricks. Later I got Nathan involved and he started pulling off moves too.  The more we improved the harder it was on our pogo stick.  Later that week it broke.  My dreams shattered along with the spring.  I didn't pogo for two months until I found a store that was selling them. Since then pogo sticking has remained a steadfast part of my life.   I love it.

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