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Alex Dunbar - Pogo Ninja


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Please click the Pictures or text to watch the video. Right click on the picture and Press "Save As Target" to save the video.

Newest Video


Alex Dunbar - New Winter Pogo Video

Full-Lengh Videos


This is my "First Stunt Pogo Movie". I apualigize, for the editing (first exsepence with Movie Maker) This video was shot Easter Day 2004 so I am not at my best potential.
Styx - Mr. Roboto
Billy Talent - The Ex
John Williams - Raiders March


Second Stunt Pogo Video. Doing some fun tricks with some fun music around my house.
O-Zone - Dragostea Din Tei


Alex Dunbar's Third Stunt Pogo Video of him bouncing on the motostik.
Blink 182 - Dammit


Alex Dunbar's Fourth Stunt Pogo Video. Made in all one day. Mainly just testing out his new camera.
Goldfinger - Spokesman


Alex Dunbar's Shockhom Sydrome Stunt Pogo video. This one features the Motostik, couple shots of the Pogo Roo, and Homoicidal Pogo's new modded moon stick. Good Spots in this one.
Blink 182 - Shockholm Sydrome


Alex Dunbar - Stupied Seurcity Gaurd

During filming of the "Shockholm Sydrome Video" I was pogoing at a spot trying to jump from one platform to another and this seurcity gaurd came up being very rude. Since I was filming the gap I caught the whole thing on tape for you all to see.


Alex Dunbar Sixth Stunt Pogo Video. Using the Moon Stick and a Broken Moto Stik. Filmed mostly in Spetember.
AFI - Seasons are Dead

Link Coming Soon.

Heres an Updated Verison of a Motostik video, with some some-what decent footage on the stick for their site. Not to great of a video.
The Enemies - Palm of my hand


Alex Dunbar's Winter Debut. Knowing winter, and his broken motostik. Its hard getting good footage. But still tring. Used a bit of the Fisheye lens. Get ready for a great summer video with my soon to come Gravity Games Pogo Stick!
Green Day - Letterbomb

Stunt PogoTutriols
"Coming Soon"

Alex Dunbar ęcopyrighted 2004