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The MotoStiks Reveiw

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"The Moto Stiks Reveiw"
by Alex Dunbar
 I own a Large Moto Stik. So most of this reveiw will be on the Large MotoStik.
WOW! The Moto Stik is my favorite Stick of all time! I love everything about it!
First...The look! Its Beautiful! The handles are designed and are motocross handles. The Handles are just like bike handles. So if you bike alot they will be in a perfect postion. But the width of the handles do take some getting used too. If you just want you can cut them down Three to Four inches. The Handles are totaly comfortble with grips and paddding.
When you look down their is the word MOTOSTIK in big awesome letters. It makes everything on the stick stand out even more when you see the letters. This gives the MotoStik a feel of Power and Excitment.
The pegs are made out of Cast Alloy. They are a perfect size to feet verurly, any sized feet.
The shaft is very thick, strong, and powerful. If you ever had any other problems with shafts on your other Pogo Sticks, that shouldn't happen again.
The stommper is very thick. It even had threads on it! But do to majour and extreme use it may wear down after three or four months. You can buy replacements at
The motostik is ajustible for your weight and skill by a little turning knob at the top. The knob turns clockwise to loosen the spring and conterclock wise to tighten it.
If you are 16+ and you turn it conterclockwise for a while, It should get you very high. (over four feet.) If you are 10+ and put it to the end of conterclock wise you will probly not be able to bounce that well on it or get very high. So you may want to turn the knob clockwise till you cannot turn it anymore. Or you may want to get a Small not a Large MotoStik.
The MotoStik is excellent training for mostly all phyical sports. And is very healthy for you. It works on your Leg Muscles and Upper Body Strenth. If you want an extreme workout try Pogo Sticking for distence.
Believe it or not It will also help you be awake, alerte, and be able to learn better the whole day! This is because It will get your blood pumping faster and heart!
If you would like to know anything esle or any tips.
Other Questions People Asked
Small- 189.95
Large- 199.95
Suggest Weight:
Small-  40-100
Large- 100-200
Aveage Height of Air
Three feet
     The Durability is amazing on the MotoStik! It could be dropped from the CN Tower and wouldn't have a mark or even a sratch.
Ground Tricks
     If you used another pogo stick in the past it will take a couple of days to get used to the motostik. It is really good for stalling. Some tricks like the Candy Bar are harder on the Moto Stik because of the size of the handlebars. You can always easily cut them down, Three to Four inches is good. Or even just buy new HandleBars. You can get a good Pair of flybar handles from
Big Air Tricks
     Big Air tricks are very fun and easy on this MotoStik. As I said before. You have to get used to the posion in where everything is located. So it may be a little hard and feel different at first, but once you got some practise, you will be doing them ebtter than ever! It gets you high in the air which gives you more time to grab or pull your move.
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Comparring the MotoStik to the Foam Master or any other main T FRAME Pogo Stick
Unlike the Foam Master the MotoStik is just one big tube as the frame. It makes more comfortable when you bounce. The MotoStik has an ajustible spring for youe weight and skill. The Foam Master is just the spring and you can't adjust it. Everything on The Moto Stik is better than the Foam Master. The Pegs. Handles. Shaft. Spring. Cotter Pin. Stomper. EVERYTHING! It gets higher than Foam Master. I am a little short on the MotoStik since I am only 12. So I find it a little bit more difficult to do some tricks on. But I should find them easier when I get taller. The Foam Master brakes offten and goes through stages when it brakes. The MotoStik won't brake any time soon. If it does (which it won't) their is a warrenty on the MotoStik.

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