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Alex Dunbar - Pogo Ninja

The Record Newspaper (front page photo) Jan. 25 2005

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yep...Front Page Photo. That was AWESOME!
Nathan and I were pogoing out side. With are new homemade pogo. A car pulled. Nathan walked up to it. The guy pulled out a gun and shotted him. I ran into his hpuse and grabbed a nigh. He saw me run in. I hide behind the door Waiting for him to enter so then I could run out of the house. He opened the door and shut it. He say me. Knowing I was going to die, I ran up to him and stabbed him. He dropped his gun. I picked it up and shotted him 50 times in the head then kicked him. Then I walked out of the house and pogoed.
Fine that didn't really happen but It would have been cool...right???
Ok It is a real intil he walks up to the car. The guy tells him he works for the Record and asks if he can take Pictures of us for it. He argeed. And then he told me and I did too. We only had one pogo stick so we had to take turns. We kept on going bath and forth taking turns. Ten minuts later he told us he got some good pictures and that he had to go. The next day I looked at the paper and saw myself front page. But only me. They didn't put Nathan up with me. But It was awesome any ways. 

Alex Dunbar ęcopyrighted 2004