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Alex Dunbar - Pogo Ninja

Pogo Stick Reveiws

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Here are The Pogo Sticks Reveiws. They are only of Pogo Sticks of what I tried. They are inorder of how good they are.

Flybar 1200

Compaine: SBI Enterprices

Avaerage Price: $299

Buy At:

The Flybar 1200's Review

       The Flybar is a really awesome pogo stick! It can lunch you up six feet in the air! it dosn't have a spring. It had 12 rubber trusters instead what you can engage and disengage. They go up to three times their size.

      When I first tried the flybar was at the Canadian Stunt Pogo Demo. It was really tall and looked hard to keep my balence on. I ran up to it and stepped on. I founded it way hard to bounce. I had to do my hardest every jump. This is because at that time I was 97 pounds and wasn't heavy enough to  get six or even three feet of air on it. It had seven thrusters in it at the time. When four were in it I found it easier to bounce and It kinda felt like jumping up and down on a trampline. I couldn't do any good tricks on it. I found it really hard to do a 180 bar spin. I suggest this pogo for heavier and older people.

Here is a Picture of Me on the Flybar 1200


Foam Master
Compaine: SBI Enterprices
Avaerage Price: 59.99
     After having the pogoroo as my pogo stick for a year and a bit I was trilled to finally get a different better pogo stick! The first time I tried the Foam Master was when Nathan got back from sears and had a Foam Mster in his hands. He got out of his mom's car and started jumping on it. I was amazed of how high he could get on it. I wanted to try it so bad but he said no. He would barly let me on it at all. Finally he let me try. WOW. I was getting really high. I started to feel sick cause I wasn't used to getting three feet on a pogo stick. It was so easy to do tricks on.
Nathan used it for like ten minuts everyday. It didn't brake intil two months later. We were able to fix it intil the shaft and  spring broke. I really wanted to buy a Foam Master so I saved my money for a long time and finally got it. I loved it. I finally started to get way better at pogoing. I was on it every hour of the day. The sixth day it broke. I was so mad.
What I don't like about the Foam Master is that it brakes so easier so you don't want to try hard tricks on it. The Foam Master is awesome for tricks. I reamend this pogo for people under 90 pounds.

 Razor Go-Go
Compaine: Razor

Avaerage Price: $89

Buy At:


The Razor GoGo is a pretty good stick if your into just pogoing up and down. It can get you two feet in the air. It is a little harder to do Ground Tricks. The Go-Go is hard to fix when it brakes because the spring is inside of a cyliender toob. Unlike the master it is like a bottom spring pogo design but with out the spring on the bottom. The Pegs fold up, scooter top handles, and a skinny frame. The stopper on this pogo is really good. It shouldn't brake. All in all its a pretty good pogo.

Alex Dunbar ęcopyrighted 2004