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Alex Dunbar - Pogo Ninja

How to Perform on the Pogo Stick

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Pogo sticking isn't something you can always learn quickly.  It takes considerable practise to become proficient.  Using your pogo, begin with one foot on the peg and one foot on the ground.  When you're ready raise your other foot on the opposite peg and balance. To remain upright on the pogo make sure your knees are bent forward and make sure your back is straight.  It's easier to balance this way.  There is a temptation to bounce forward.  You haven't yet learned this so concentrate first on bouncing in one place.  Choose a safe place (somewhere soft, perhaps grassy) and try to stay in that one spot.   One of the biggest mistakes that people make while pogoing is when they think they are going to fall off, they step off the stick.  You are usually not going to fall off, you just have to restore your balance a little.  Straighten your back, bend those knees and try again (don't blame me if you DO fall!)

Alex Dunbar ęcopyrighted 2004