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Alex Dunbar - Pogo Ninja

How Pogo Sticks Were Invented

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Though pogo sticks have been around since the 1900's, everybody thinks they are a relatively new invention.  There is an interesting legend on how they were invented. 
During wartime in Germany there lived a poor farmer who had a daughter named Pogo.  Pogo was a devout girl who wanted to attend the temple every day so she could pray for the war to end but her father couldn't afford to buy her shoes.  Pogo would have traveled without shoes but the route to the temple was filled with sharp rocks and she risked cutting her feet.  Her father thought of a way she could travel safely.  He fashioned a stick that had handles and pegs so that she could jump from rock to rock. 
This story has its charm but its truth is doubtful.  Most importantly, there was no spring on the stick.  Pogo would have had to use a LOT of muscle to jump from rock to rock, and there was a great risk of slipping on the rocks when she bounced.  She risked more injury than if she were to go without shoes.  But as a determined pogo sticker myself, I have to admit, I've had so many injuries in the name of fun!  So maybe for something like religion Pogo would be willing to endure even more.

Alex Dunbar ęcopyrighted 2004