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Alex Dunbar - Pogo Ninja

Not Updating During Winter and Why?

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Hi, during this winter period I wil be doing little or no editing or adding onto webpage. Here are my reasons.
First, Its winter. Even though that it may not look like it. Its still pretty cold outside and slippery at some periods.
Secondly, My Video Camcorder broke. It was being hold togethor by duct tape. And even the quilty of film was going down as the camera. There were lots of little problems with it. But enough is enough.
Thirdly, My Pogo Sticks. Currently, I have two rundown motostiks that feel like I am jumping on a block of wood, A broken moon sticka nd its parts (fixble but need some cash) And a pogoroo which spring is so worn down you cannot even jump on it. I cant film a decent video with these sticks so its all for the better.
Fourthy, I have no job. And I dont have money to replace broken stick or equitment.
Fifthly, I really need to do school stuff. My Marks on my first report card sucked! This is my final year. I need to do my best!
Thanks for understanding! And hopfuly have a white winter!
Alex Dunbar.

Alex Dunbar ęcopyrighted 2004